Skies In Chaos will be featured on the 2015 Charm City Sampler

Skies In Chaos latest single “Black Widow” will be featured on the new Charm City Sampler 2015 CD!

Charm City Sampler 2015 will be released FREE at the Shindig Festival in Carroll Park, September 19th. Organized and compiled by Tony Correlli at The Deep End Studio, distributed free by 24-7 Entertainment, and made possible by these 20 Baltimore bands:

The Last Year
Guns Out At Sundown
My Enemy Complete
Seventh Seal
We Love the Underground
Will Sims
Skies In Chaos
Chasing Verity
Violence In Vanity
Black Angel Down
Fatally Yours
9 Mile Roots
From Nothing
Devil Takes The Girl
Longest Start
The Purge Effect
You’re Too Kind

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